Friday, February 14, 2014

PhotoShop VS PVC

This is the Second Pro Versus Con blog post:
You all love photo editing, programs such as Photoshop are popular in the market, you can use these softwares for unlimited amounts of things; as if for today, february 14th, as you may know it's valentine. Therefore Photo editing and creating wonderful images can help you for the 'process' of the day! However, though, these featuers come in a price. If an individual wants to install or purchase the latest Adobe P.S.  CS6, They have to pay at least few hundreds of dollars for it. How ever there are some freeware such as Gimp or with some fewer features. But it all comes down which program worth is the better deal to impress your loved ones?

  • Built in Application
  • Can be downloaded from internet, it does not take much hard drive space, and it does not occupy much of RAM or the CPU capacity, however in long uses it might affect your  over all performance.
  • This Application is absolutely free to use, no restriction ads or trial period.
  • This Application needs the operating systems below, so it's not loyal to every Operating system.  
    Windows 8 or 8.1,
   or Windows 7 SP1,
   or Windows XP SP3,
   or Windows Vista SP1

  • Is compatible and loyal to most if not all systems.
  • Photo shop needs much more system capacity, and it's not recommended on older versions of system. This program is not free and only can be obtained via monthly membership or complete purchasing.
Winner: P.E.
  • Features
  • Has basic needs, it's much more advanced than regular windows paint. However the graphical features are no way close to Photo Shop.
  • Can undo  work for unlimited amounts of times.
  • Supports multi language pack.
    • Photo Shop
  • Has very complex graphical textures and tools that a master artisan needs.
  • undo limited amount of time.
  • Support of multi language, and customer service.
Winner: P.S.

After math: Adobe Photo Shop.
With high prices come high performance and features! If you really use Photo editing for a major part of your lifetime, then PhotoShop is for you... however don't be discouraged, you can have one month free at Photo Shop CC; but for a casual user is recommended.

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