Updates and announcements:

-What will be posted?

  1. Future posts*:
  •  Performance
  •     speeding your computer up
  •     performance on games
  •     visual effect. 
  •     gadgets to add
  •     More..!
  • Security
  •      basics!
  •     Anti virus/Spyware  
  •     Internet security
  •     Backdoors
  •     ...
  • Extra stuff
  •     Cool Programs
  •      Cool things that you could do
  •     What a hacker could do.
  • Web
  • Deep Web
  • .onion
  • surface web 
  • ...
  • P.V.C[Pro Vs con]
  • CG&P[Cool Gadgets and programs]
2. Things we will NOT cover:
  • How to write/execute  viruses
  • how to hack
  • Any illegal topics

  3. Announcements and Frequently Asked Questions:

  1.       Any Video tutorials (or visual, if any)?

  • Video and pictures will be posted on this site, depending on the topic unit. Videos could be original, or links the person to an other third party** or first party host.
      2.   Is this going to be only about the stuff we know or we don't need?

  • No, the basics should be introduced to the user, then all the complex and cool stuff will come up later, And yes you need this for internet security.

*Subject to change.
**Third party's web site are not hosted by this blog, any responsibility is on the user of the links!


  1. Why don't you show how to hack, for example hijacking people cookies or sniffing the network for emails and passwords or remote access by the command line or writing scripts or batch files, why don't you teach them about hacking WiFi. This is the important stuff without knowledge on how to hack how will they actually know how to fight it. You can't make a mailman catch a robber, you get a robber to catch a robber because he knows how its done and how you can counter it.

  2. Well TechMan, there is one problem, if I distribute the knowledge of hacking i will be convicted by federal law; I can go to prison from range of 1-20 years, and a fine that can take away anything you own. The people who use the hacking tool, are not that safe either, your ISP's can find you, and they provide the evidence that you have hacked, and then you can get into allot of trouble! No matter how important it is, it is still illegal, and you can be sued for. for more information go to http://www.pctools.com/security-news/harshest-punishment-computer-history/.

    1. Simply change the format to make sense, instead of hacking say network security consultant and give examples of what a hacker would do. Not being you of course. Lol. You have inspired me to change my stuff to say network security.

    2. I think I could do that, thanks. But it will take a while, because I'm making posts about performance, I'll soon get to security and bring that topic up, but I can't guaranty that how detailed would it be.

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