Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What's it all it about?!

The Virtual World
Are you tired of spammed by viruses and ads every day, is your PC infected with Virus? If you answered yes to any of those questions this blog might be the 'one' you are looking for. Even if you answered no, you are still welcomed to explore this blog, and learn tons of cool stuff!
  • The Blog will be different than those Blogs that just give you facts and facts about on only "one" subject. 
  • But here  you will be informed about how to stay away from, hackers, online thefts, spyware, viruses and tons of more! You will also know what to do when you come in contact with these nasty malwares!
  • So With your knowledge, and this blogs tips, tutorials, you can be safe on the internet almost 90%* of the time!
So At the conclusion, you know get tons of fun facts about computers and the internet, you run your Computer faster, and know how to make your, Computer is absolutely Clean!

    • To get more information Click the link here to continue.
    • You can Also go to this website and learn about basic of computer languages and much more information!

    * Restriction may apply. May not be the same result for all the users.


    1. That's interesting I have good spyware on my computer, but since I'm a gamer my computer gets ransacked a lot. Some recommendations on how to keep my computer running smoothly would help.

    2. Well, Spywares are bit worse then Viruses, because your actions all controlled by them in an other computer , do you have anti spyware program installed?
      and do you regularly download programs on the internet, that could be number one reason for spywares added to your computer.

      - to run your PC( which i guess you might have) smoothly, try to defragment your computer, on windows 7 click --> control panel --> below administrative options click on defragment drives; this will help your computer run faster, also delete/ uninstall any programs that are unknown or you don't need.

    3. Looking forward to watch some of your tutorials!

    4. Replies
      1. Well tutorial videos could be a bit difficult , because people have different computers/ versions of software. But i will try my best.

    5. Good job, look forward to seeing what you can do! I like the Matrix template :)

    6. Please Complete the survey about the systems, it really helps me. Thanks!