Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pro VS Con!

Have you ever wondered and had to choose one of two given programs of softwares to you? Was it ever difficult to make the right choice and not regret it afterwards? Well a new feature has been added  to this blog, similar to  Cool gadgets and programs, but it compares two software or operating system and gives all of the pros and cons about it; it could be a P.V.C for one software also. If you ever had any confusion or question about any softwares put it down the comment section in P.V.C page and it will be processed shortly. However, each week minimal, a random P.V.C will be added to our collection.

  • What could we compare?
    • We Mainly post comparison about softwares and programs. browsers, computers specs and games will all be accepted.
  • What don't we compare?
    • We don't take requests such as sites and or anything not listed above.

We will try our best to process your request as fast as we can!

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