Thursday, December 26, 2013


This is the first Pro Versus Con blog post; today's subject is on 'Revo Uninstaller', and Windows based Control Panel uninstaller.

  1. Built in Application 
    • Windows
  • Windows has its application compatible with all of its system of course meaning all 64/32 bit operating systems.It has been pre-installed on every windows operating system; so you don't have to worry about downloading and installing.
  • The applications costs nothing and it is absolutely free.
    • Revo 
  • Revo uninstaller could be downloaded from the internet, it's fast and easy, the application wights about 6~7 mega-bytes. The application  is compatible with All 64/32 bit systems of Windows XP, Vista, 7 and windows 8 system; so if you have an older version or a system not listed above, this program doesn't work for you.
  • The applications comes with free and Pro mode. Free mode restricted.
Winner 1:  Windows 

        2. Application  processing and features 
    • Windows
  • The program loads application quickly, with basic detailed information about the programs. Using the program does not use much of systems resources; The program lists at least 98% the applications installed on your system. 
  • Even though it  shows most if not all of the installed applications, it does not display all of the components, i.e. version or the weight of the application. The program only removes the built in mode of the selected application, meaning only what has been installed would be taken away, all of the other remaining folders, registry files, and extra parts of the application will stay, like temp folders. 
    • Revo
  • The application is more detailed about the information about the installed programs. It also comes with four modes, with moderate being as default; built in at top which is same process as windows based. As you go down the applications' scan would go more in depth. It also has hunter and burn mode where you  could drag folders to be uninstalled. All of these features are included in free mode.
  • Unlike windows uninstaller, this uses more system resource, especially on deep scans, it takes longer to load up, and it lists about 95% of applications, so some of the has to be uninstalled with windows.
Winner 2: Revo.U
Revo modes

  3. After math - Revo

  • Though Revo uses more systems capacity, it's definitely worth it to try the application, if you install programs daily, and maybe want to uninstall them, then it's recommended to try revo. It saves you at least GB of hard drive or in some cases, including me, 5 or more GB. Personally i recommend this program because, you can get rid of annoying ad-wares and potentially spywares off your computer.
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