Thursday, February 6, 2014

Deep Web.1

Internet is huge, Made up of Surface Web and Deep Web, when it comes to Deep Web,  there is a whole world comes into it; It's more like an empire but with no central authority. It has its own currency, unique market system, parties and protected files and servers.   The deep web is truly anonymous – you can’t even get on it unless you yourself are anonymous.


You can’t just access the deep web from a normal web browser – like Google Chrome for example – you can only access the deep web through a deep web browser. The most famous of these deep web browsers is called Tor and this is the one. Downloads of Tor soared in August by almost 100% as the general population became more and more concerned about their privacy amid revelations about US and UK intelligence agencies monitoring web traffic. In short, more and more people are turning to the deep web to get their internet fix and protect their information.
This is because when you’re using Tor – or any other deep web browser – you are truly anonymous and your location cannot be picked up and neither can your browsing habits. Essentially nothing you do in the deep web can be monitored and as such the deep web is becoming a more attractive option for all internet users – those who know about it at least.

  • What's in it?
With the enforced anonymity of the deep web, you would think it was full of illegal stuff and you would be totally correct in that assumption. The deep web is well known for containing some really messed up stuff (Which I'm going to try and avoid that for the most part), there is a saying  'use a proxy or say hi to FBI.' but if you successfully steer clear of all of that then you’ll find some really interesting stuff on the deep web that you would never find on the public world wide web.

Next post will be about Major sites in deep web, and there will be more detail about these information.

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