September Updates

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  • Updates/Posts that occurred during September 2013

Event Type Removed/Modified
Launch of this Blog (M.E) Publish Beta
LayoutV.1.0.1 Update Beta
Template V.1.1 Update N/A
Voki 1.0.0 Upload N/A
Cookie V.1.0.1. Update Modified
Minor features Gadget  N/A
bug fix 1.0.2. Fix N/A
"Mill editor but why?" PageModified
what's a malware? Post Modified
F.A.Q Page Modified
Template V.1.7.4 Update N/A
Bug check Fix N/A
Layout V.2.0.0 Update N/A
Blog's Overview Page N/A
Blog  UpdateO.Update M.E. V.2.0.
Voki V.1.4.4 Update N/A
Layout patchPatch M.E V.2.1.
Defragmantation Post Modified
Spelling/ texts fixes Fix N/A
Video Upload Upload N/A
Defragmantation(Cont.) H.Post Modified
LogoUpload Removed
Layout V.3.0.0. Update N/A
Link patch Patch M.E. V.2.1.1.
Gadget update Gadgets N/A
Drive Clean Up Post N/A
Bug fix Fix N/A
text/Spelling FixFix N/A
link patch* Patch N/A
Voki Update V.2.0.0 Update Modified
Template V.2.0.0 Table Cell N/A
Blog Update O.Update M.E. V.3.0.0
Disclaimer upload UploadModified
Logo Update Update Modified
Overview update/orginized update/patch M.E. V.3.2.0
H/O Post Modified
'All' Hidden links Page N/A
September UpdatesPageModified
SearchEngine updateUpdateN/A
Security PatchPatchN/A
Rate your system IPostN/A
Rate Your System IIPostModified
Layout V.3.2.0.UpdateN/A
Logo updateUpdateN/A
October update pageModified

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  1. I believe I am the only guy that runs linux. I dual boot with windows 7 as well. By the way are you in my webdesign class or anything?