Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Deep Web 5. Major Services.

           Before you continue, you might want to check out the last D.W. Post about ,How to get to the Deep Web itself, here; or find out the Major Factors!

  • As you  may know, being in deep web makes you "anonymous"; therefore you can find unlimited amount of things that you wont find on the regular internet. Here's some common things that you'll found on the D.W.note most ,if not all, of these transaction work with the BitCoin!]

  1. Marijuana :

    • Here it is, the so-called "Golden nugget". Did you forget calling your dealer ? Then get on the deep web instead. Now you can do all your  ordering from the comfort of your own sofa.
      The prices varying upon  the amount of you buy. This is when your stash is dropped somewhere in ‘nature’ and hidden. 
     2.Hire a Hit-man:
Hitman[ not owned by M.E.]
    • Yes, seriously, you can hire a hitman on the deep web. Want to take out your boss,wife or that journalist who wrote that poor review for your company? Well if you've got the cash, this person will do it for you. This is taken from one website on the deep web that offers this service and includes the differing prices of a hit. These prices are dependent on who the person is and what information you need to send so the hit can take place.
                     Thanks to sickchirpse

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