October Updates

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  • Updates/Posts that occurred during October 2013

S.P I PostN/A
Link updateUpdateN/A
Blog Overview updateUpdateN/A
Disk cleanup & moreCancelledRemoved
Minimal PerformancePostModified
Temple V.3.0.0.UpdateN/A
Title/ minor bugs fixDebugN/A
Disclaimer RemovalDeletionRemoved
New Disclaimer PageN/A
Posts updateupdateN/A
Spelling error fixDebugN/A
'To do list' RemovalDeletionRemoved
Minimal Performance IIPostModified
Poll Win.8 Gadget N/A
Blog sharing.1.0.ShareN/A
Color Clashing PatchFix/UpdateN/A
Template V.3.1.0.UpdateN/A Limited
Layout Halloween Theme Theme N/A limited
Blog UpdateO.UpdateM.E. V.4.0.0.
Tip postPostModified
Layout HTML/Gif UpdateUpdateN/A Limited

Goals for October

  1. Fixing S.P.II- Completed!
  2. Re-Posting S.P.II- Completed!
  3. Drive Clean up video- Cancelled/Removed
  4. Better system performance I- Completed!
  5. Better System Performance II- Completed!
  6. Disclaimer/Privacy page upload- Completed!
  7. Final performance tips- Completed!
  8. Blog Theme- Completed!
  9. Security Basics- Postponed -> November
  10. 'To top' links on every posts- Postponed -> November

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