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If the instructions for the video were not clear, there are image examples that can help understanding the concept: 7/xp

1) Defragmentation can help the system to search open operate files faster. To start  >Control Panel> system and security> Administrator Tools and select de-fragment your hard drive. Note: You need to have administrative permission to do this, either type the password or click yes to continue.

2) A window should pop up. You can make make it run by a schedule, it is recommended to do it weekly, or higher frequency. Next to each drive there is a percentage  showing how much of your drive is fragmented. If its 8% or higher it's highly recommended to do so.
3) There are two options, you either can analyze your selected drive or just start the operation.

For XP users: Open My Computer.
  1. Right-click the local disk volume that you want to defragment, and then click Properties.
  2. On the Tools tab, click Defragment Now.
  3. Click Defragment.

Apple? Click Here

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